David Hirshberg



Listening to the conversation between Marsha Wietecha, host of Born to Talk Radio Show, and me is like eavesdropping on a talk with two friends. We chat about the writing process, goals in writing novels, the value of historical literary fiction, the importance of opening lines, the kinds of research authors perform, how family relationships are central to good stories, and mysteries and misdirections that intrigue readers. Of course, we talk about my debut novel “My Mother’s Son,” and “Jacobo’s Rainbow,” that was just issued in May, as well as a bit about my upcoming 3rd novel, “A Bronx Cheer,” anticipated to be out in 18-24 months. Marsha comments, “David has a passion and style for writing. He’s also an excellent storyteller. Tune in to hear his story!” You can listen by clicking here. (Please be patient - it takes a few seconds to load.) Thank you, Marsha, for this most enjoyable discussion.

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